set a foundation that transforms how your business grows

We get it, hiring a consultant who gives you a strategy can be tough to justify. All you get in the end is essentially an idea, and then its left to you to deliver.  Which is frankly where the rubber meets the road anyway.

With Airfoil we treat this very differently.  We approach this like product development – not marketing.  We don’t leap to creative, campaigns, and big social KPI’s . Instead we look for rapid assessments and research and quick strategies and plans to get to an initial launch.

This leads to iterative builds and implementations and finally insights-driven monitoring to refine messaging, campaigns and brand moving forward. It’s effective, efficient and helps you control budget while learning the basics of good digital marketing.


Digital Foundation 101

For those asking the question “what is digital marketing, and should I be hiring someone to do it?” – you’ll want to seriously consider using us to establish your foundation first. Airfoil can help you build out a Tech Stack, establish fundamental sales and marketing disciplines and learn what to measure / what to avoid. Doing this before you hire is essential – your marketing DNA should be firmly in place.


Tech Stack

There are a handful of software platforms that makeup a solid marketing ‘tech stack’ . They can vary, based on need, audience, aggression, etc.  There are a few ingredients that are a must have, like a CRM or Ad Analytics.

But other systems may be necessary to help with gathering detailed intelligence, publishing a variety of content, reaching broader audiences  and developing content more rapidly. We can help with selecting, configuring, implementing and supporting these systems.


Marketing and Sales automation

Here we look to create a strategy and plan that streamlines the lead nurturing and qualification process, leveraging automation to reduce manual effort. We develop a plan to implement the technology, channels, and content required.


Then we move onto building, activating, managing and optimizing the plan and systems as we finally hand you the keys.