Insightful data translates to meaningful communications

One of the greatest aspects of digital marketing that overshadows most other forms of marketing is our ability to collect detailed information, nearly in real time. We collect anonymous data that helps us understand consumer behaviors so that we’re continuously improving business outcomes.

Over the long haul, real time optimizations and continuous improvements powered through a smart analytics methodology will beat the pants off [technical term] most viral or growth hacking stunts. Knowing where we were, where we are right now, and where we are going puts our marketing performance into lockstep with your business goals. Now our insights powered conversations are more about performance and impact to the business, not spreadsheets.

It’s our process (in fact, it’s infused into our DNA) to carefully evaluate the data we collect in the proper context for the campaign, business goals, stakeholders, management and leaders. Reporting must be aligned with the person receiving the data. We transform it into actionable insights so business decisions are made that positively impact the business. It’s through this intense process of Test > Track > Learn that is applied to all of our digital marketing efforts that gives us an understanding of what works and what improvements are needed.



There are 6,800+ marketing technology platforms and tools available. They all store their own data with little data sharing or integrations between them. Needless to say managing marketing data is difficult but we’re the experts at finding the right data across your tools. Merging and cleaning it. Then visually communicating your performance story on a custom insights platform tuned to your needs.


While we haven’t located a colony of data elves who work for claps and jelly beans, we have identified a number of handy insights platform best practices. From data warehousing to data transport scripts to direct data connectors, we’ll aligned the reporting and insights platform to your marketing stack.


Team Reports

Your distinct teams need distinct, curated and personalized reports that emphasize their unique decision points. We can help walk them through in person, or with video-led guides. Most likely candidates for these marketing reports include:




But other teams have found substantial value.  These could include vendors, freelancers, finance, and investors.  Regardless our reports are data-driven but human-centric, real time, and highly adaptable.



Dashboards are separate from reports. They aggregate or rollup a variety of reports, data points, files, statuses, and KPIs in one view.  Dashboards are self service, and allow are clients to get an all-up view of not only our delivery, but engagement progress and projections.  We use dashboards to help inform roadmaps and future adaptations to programs moving forward, as we iterate on campaigns, content, segmentation, targeting, messaging, and experience delivery.


market / industry

Here Airfoil helps to understand and define your position in the market, against your competition, and your voice within your industry verticals. This is a baseline for go-to-market, and will serve as a foundation for user and sales insights.



Now we need to understand how consumers become users, as well as the inverse. How to best grab users attention online, move them through a decision funnel and ultimately a purchase funnel. Finally driving them through a post-purchase customer experience, helping to improve satisfaction and retention.



Sales is rapidly becoming a lost art, and we help blend tech and soft skills into an improved level of engagement with your prospects. From initial outreach to close, we capture data throughout the process, informing the automation process while alerting the sales team to the nuances of the buyers journey.