Five Ways to Generate Leads

Every business needs an influx of new prospects into their marketing and sales funnel to build the right relationships to close more sales. I have seen and worked with many businesses who have struggled to find the right mix of marketing activities and lead generation tactics to keep their sales team fed with good quality leads. At the end of the day, the best converting lead gen campaign is the one that resonates the best with your target audience and is the easiest for them to get the information they want. So here are 5 of the best lead gen tactics to increase your leads.

1. The Quintessential Landing Page

There is a multitude of landing page types, offer based, sales based, and so on. The best landing pages focus on getting the viewer to do ONE THING. If you are promoting a white paper and are trying to generate leads don’t let the viewer engage with anything else, and certainly, don’t let them leave the page to engage with other content. Remove all navigation, dedicate the design and copy to the specific topic and offer you are promoting, and personalize it to your audience, the device type and how they are coming to the page. To get the most out of your paid ad spend via PPC or social ads you need to send your traffic to a dedicated landing page.

2. Video players with forms

Video is becoming one of the best content types to use in social, on your website, in blog posts, pretty much everywhere. With platforms like Wistia and Vidyard you can generate leads right from the video player. These are great for SaaS demo videos that can at the end of the video ask the viewer if they want to talk to sign up for a free trial or talk to sales. If you have on-demand webinars let people see the first 30 seconds, then prompt them to provide contact information to watch the rest of the webinar. Videos with integrated from capture are great because you already have the viewers attention and they can take the action immediately, without any excess clicks or page loads to get in the way.

3. Chat really is a thing

Your buyers want answers, and they don’t have time to search through blog content or schedule a meeting next week. They are ready now, right now to get an answer to move through their buying process.

Most buyers use a chat when they are in a transition stage in their buying process, and also typically further towards the end of the process. Early on when a buyer is just researching they have time to peruse a few blog posts, watch a video or two, or join a webinar. When they are getting onto a chat they have a specific question, need, and are timebound to get an answer. Chat is a great way to build that relationship and gain direct feedback on what your buyers pains, challenges, and goals are.

4. Pop-ups – dear god yes, they really work

First, pop-ups do work and work well IF they are used wisely. Just slapping a bunch of pop-ups on your website will irritate visitors, and you won’t generate leads. I am talking about contextually relevant and helpful ones. For example, a website visitor who visits a service or product page could be shown a relevant case study or an industry report related to the topic on the page. For one client by adding a pop-up for a content offer we were able to generate 119 leads in two months.

5. Meeting Schedulers

If your sales process requires any type of meeting, in person or online, allowing the buyer to directly schedule a time with the rep can dramatically improve the conversion rates, and truly gauge buyer intent. Many of these options such as HubSpot or are a link and can be used in emails or anywhere else it might make sense.

HubSpot’s meeting function gets an upgrade when you embed it onto a landing page. This can definitely get you a few more new leads, this features is even better for converting existing leads into sales opportunities.

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